FunnelFuelOn-Premise (Self-hosted)

Self-host FunnelFuelAnalytics on your own servers to ensure data remains in your hands! It’s for this reason that FunnelFuelOn-Premise is, and forever will remain free to download.

In the guides below you will learn how to install FunnelFuelon your servers (Linux Debian or Windows instructions are provided), including instructions around maintaining FunnelFuelincluding securing your service, updating to the latest version, customising FunnelFuelwith plugins and themes and all troubleshooting FAQs.

You will also find advanced documentation on improving performance and building a scalable FunnelFuelarchitecture. With 10% of the top 10,000 websites in the world use FunnelFuelOn-Premise for their analytics, with the community’s help, we’ve documented all our knowledge from running FunnelFuelat scale.