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B2B Media Buying Platform

The FunnelFuel platform uniquely combines proprietary B2B data, with a web analytics platform which turns page views into pipeline and a full media activation cloud – fulfilling all of the needs of the modern B2B marketer 

Our services.

B2B Data

Build your global Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)  based on dozens of parameters. Expand your reach using our TAL lookalike modelling to uncover unknown potential customers. Gain insights from how your TAL has been interacting with your website

B2B Analytics

The only B2B-centric web analytics platform, capturing 100% of your web visits. Designed with tools specifically needed by B2B marketers, including web form analytics, user funnels, which companies have been on your website and precisely what they have been doing. Set goals, measure target audience behaviour and segment users ready for media activation

B2B Media

Leverage the unique targeting enabled by our B2B data and the insights driven by our analytics to stimulate demand and convert customers. We automate the brand journey delivering a sales pipeline of leads direct into their CRM platform.

We Believe B2B Publishers & Marketers Need Solutions Built For The B2B landscape

B2B marketing poses unique challenges. Long sales cycles. A decision making universe. Multiple paths to purchase. Fragmented and unreliable data. Changing dynamics between offline and online. B2B markets are forced to work with technologies which are not made to addresses these challenges. >>

We Built Technology For B2B

Having spent more than 30 years building technology in the Martech industry – which builds the underlying technology which enables digital marketing – we know it’s designed for a B2C universe.

FunnelFuel was born to bring a B2B-centric technology stack to this ecosystem, directly addressing the precise needs of B2B publishers and advertisers >>

We Started With B2B Data

As the ABM revolution was starting to lift off, it became abundantly clear that marketers were struggling to identify their Target Audience Lists and then to extrapolate out their Ideal Customer Profile. It was even harder to ensure that they were building an exhaustive list of all of the companies which matched their ICP.

We developed a global organisation database with full firmographic profiling to make this task easier, enabling marketers to identify all of the organisations which meet their ICP. Using ICP lookalike modelling, borrowing a concept from B2C marketing but applying it to B2B, we enable a one click solution which builds an ICP list which matches your target audience, geo-fenced to the territories where you do business.

We Built Web Analytics Which Capture The Data That B2B Marketers & Publishers Really Need

B2B Marketers and Publishers need to know precisely which of their prospects and customers are coming on to their websites and apps, and they need to know exactly what those prospects and customers are doing on their web properties.

Generalist analytics platforms like Google Analytics sample your data, using modelling to estimate what is going on across the web. These free services are saving resources using these modelling methods, because they are implemented on the biggest websites globally, carrying billions of daily page views.

B2B volumes are smaller but much greater precision is required. Services like GA also do not provide the detailed data around ICP’s and how they interact in order to enable you to gain the real insights needed to turn page views into pipeline. Our analytics are different.

We capture 100% of page views. We show detailed user journeys for all organisations which come on to your site and apps. We offer session recordings and heat maps so you can dial in on exactly what an ICP has done on your site. We enable form analytics and other tools which aren’t available in B2C analytics platforms.

We Re-Designed Programmatic Advertising For B2B Marketers

Programmatic advertising has always focussed on scale – linked to the soon to be deprecated web cookies – in order to target huge audiences, typically with no regard to the environment that those audiences are found in. 

We believe that B2B media buying has to be smarter. We believe that B2B advertisers need to augment the research journey that a prospect is on, engaging an ITDM at their moment of research and not interrupting their commute home by covering CandyCrush in your brands messages. 

We built a semantic targeting taxonomy for B2B covering hundreds of topics and thousands of B2B brands, services and specific market participants. We combine this with the ability to target large organisations, in their place of work, on work devices – meaning we eliminate a swathes of wasted ad impressions. We enable ad creative to be targeted at specific verticals, company profiles and companies directly, delivering a personalised outreach which wins more clicks, and gets more ICP’s to your web site – where our analytics finishes off our 360 degree view by deeply measuring engagement and delivering insights. 

Ben Hewit, Spark Foundry

“FunnelFuel’s performance is significantly above average. We have seen campaigns over-perform by up to 15%”

Joe Fried, Dentsu Aegis Empower

“We work with FunnelFuelbecause of the ease of transactability across multiple creative formats and inventory types with one partner.”

Will Heins, Hearts & Science

“The platform is great. It has a simple construction with an easy, intuitive workflow. There are very few platforms as good as theirs.”

Success Stories

Together with our customers we exceed digital expectations

Calling Time On GA

Google Analytics has significant limitations in the B2B space. Learn about the solutions which FunnelFuel has developed to better serve the needs of B2B marketers and Publishers. 

Why choose us.

Collect Game-Changing Data

Only 46% of sales reps report having sufficient data about buying intent. We combine this data with world class marketing activation, bringing LinkedIn-level targeting to the rest of the internet. 

Maximise Every Digital Investment

Uncover hidden buyer behaviour, crunch millions of data points to find the in-market accounts, seamlessly target your accounts at the exact moment of research online, across industry specific publishers

Generate More Revenue

Our unique and proven technology helps clients to generate up to 400% more revenue whilst reducing your cost-to-close

Fuel Your Sales Team

Empower the field with a priortised lead list, with real insights into what key accounts have been looking at, and realtime data to catch the client in their exact moment of research. 

Shorten Sales Cycles

57% of vendors claim that sales cycles have gotten longer since Covid-19 hit. Modern B2B marketers need FunnelFuel’s full suite of tools to more effectively nurture the expanding decision making universe through the sales funnels. 

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