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B2B Media

Unlock specialised targeting with our B2B data and analytics-driven insights to drive demand and conversions. Automate the brand journey, funnelling leads directly into your CRM platform. Our programmatic DSP ensures enterprise-grade ABM and B2B bidding for maximum impact.

Account Based Marketing

FunnelFuel transformed Account Based Marketing (ABM) by bringing it into the realm of programmatic advertising. We’ve crafted our own Demand Side Platform (DSP) and employed advanced curation tactics to access the full bidstream for your named accounts. This means ABM can now scale globally, overcoming past limitations and reaching top B2B publishers and premium content sites like never before.

B2B Dynamic Content Optimisation DCO

With our B2B analytics platform, Journey, dive into detailed performance and segmentation data. Tailor intent funnels based on on-site behaviours.

FunnelFuel’s DSP ensures precise creative targeting. Rather than one-size-fits-all ads, FunnelFuel targets based on specific behaviours and intent, subsequently customising ads for users who download whitepapers or watch videos, incorporating customer details for higher engagement.

Cookieless attribution

Cookieless based attribution is becoming obsolete, with browsers increasingly blocking their use and overall deprecation looming. It’s evident that we must move “beyond the cookie.”

In our view, B2B should have made this shift years ago. The typical cookie lifespan is a mere 29 days, while the enterprise B2B sales cycle spans 18 months to 2 years. Journey, our analytics and insights pixel, employs advanced cookieless technology and organisation-based attribution, tied to persistent identifiers. This approach offers a longer-term perspective that isn’t reliant on technology that will soon vanish.

Intent-based targeting

FunnelFuel introduces intent targeting in our dedicated B2B marketing stack. We define intent using deep insights from your website and combine it with our custom DSP to create targetable segments for your key accounts. With powerful tactics like high-performing component creative, dynamic creative optimisation (DCO), and aggressive bidding, we enable incredible ROI for B2B marketers.

Full insights and analytics

While typical programmatic advertising platforms offer basic media metrics like CPM, CTR, and CPC, FunnelFuel goes beyond with our insights and analytics platform. Gain comprehensive analytics on companies visiting your site and track the impact of your actions as well as marketing efforts on their behaviour.

With FunnelFuel, you can build funnels, set goals, track events, and generate granular reports covering all aspects of your marketing. Utilise our A/B testing tool, heatmaps, session recordings, and other conversion rate optimisation tools to enhance your site’s performance, ensuring every named account visit makes the maximum business impact.